Consolidation and delivery of assorted cargo by JSC

UKTORGIMPEX: Everything Will Be Shipped In Time!

To reduce the cost of transportation JSC UKTORGIMPEX offers its client to consolidate shipment.

Consolidation means the combination of different cargoes in one forwarding to save transportation costs. If delivery of cargo takes place is by auto vehicle, then this process is called team delivery. International transportation of groupage cargoes is the most effective solution in those cases when it is necessary to transport a small consignment of goods. Consolidation of several cargoes in assembly one significantly reduces the costs on goods forwarding.

To perform this operation large mixed batch of departure from several participants is formed by warehouse because various entrepreneurs pass production here which is  designed for one customer. In this case the transport costs fall to all members of the consolidated delivery proportionally to the supply of goods.

Consolidation of goods is implemented not only in domestic warehouses but in our warehouses in Europe and Southeast Asia as well, and at a certain time groupage cargo forwarding is implemented to Ukraine.

In addition to forming the consignment of goods consolidation services also include:

• cargo work;
• work on receipt and delivery of goods;

• inspection of the quantity and quality of goods before shipment;

• calculation of the service cost and due dates;
• packaging and repackaging of goods;
• labeling of cargo;
• making up of all the necessary supporting documents for the cargo;
• responsible storage;
• safety organization of valuable cargo in the process of transportation;

• timely cargo delivery with the preservation of trade dress;

• сustoms clearance of the delivered cargo.

Trusting international forwarding of groupage cargoes to us, our client receives a number of benefits, including:

• minimization of the transportation costs compared to delivery by courier services;

• the shortest terms of issuing customs permits and goods certifications;

• optimization of time spent on freight forwarding;

• goods cost reduction due to cost-saving options of freight forwarding.

By choosing our company and signing a contract with it, you address all the problems relating to international carriage of groupage cargo to our experienced professionals who are ready to perform work of any complexity.