Customs Broker Services by JSC UKTORGIMPEX Fast and safe!

Customs broker servicesOur company offers professional customs clearance services.  What does it mean?  All the companies dealing with shipping cargo abroad have to carry out customs clearance of their cargo.  Some companies try to go through formalities without assistance.  But lack of experience in these questions may lead to demurrage, penalties and slower delivery.

To avoid all these troubles, it only takes to turn to JSC UKTORGIMPEX!

We will become an ambassador between you and Customs Bodies as we propose to provide you with the full range of customs clearance services and freight forwarding assistance. What does this service give to you?

  • Professional consulting on Ukrainian Customs Regulations regarding foreign economic activities, providing you with all normative documents for any issue you may have a concern in.
  • Consulting on foreign economic contract execution.
  • Accreditation of a client’s company at customs.
  • Customs clearance of a cargo in any regime (import, export or transit)
  • Brokerage in obtaining of customs permit documents for cargo.
  • Paperwork on shipping documentation.
  • Compiling letters of agreement between customs houses.
  • Low cost cargo customs clearance.
  • Calculation of goods customs value.
  • Warehousing of your cargo on our own customs warehouse.

Providing additional services while your cargo is in our warehouse:

–          binding stickers;

–          rehandling;

–          labeling;

–          promo kitting.

Protection of clients’ interests in front of customs authorities.

Providing qualified assistance in case of a non-routine situation in the course of customs clearance procedure.

Monitoring and control of all customs clearance procedures.

JSC UKTORGIMPEX is licensed to provide customs brokerage services (№ 594 200 series AG dated 06.06.2011) which indicates a high professional level of its specialists. After contract execution with the customer, the company shall be responsible for the timely and proper paperwork.

JSC UKTORGIMPEX: professional solving of our customs problems!