International Freight Forwarding by JSC

UKTORGIMPEX Forwarding from all over the world!

JSC UKTORGIMPEX along with customs clearance and warehousing services offers to its clients services in sphere of international freight forwarding and dispatching.

Freight forwarding is a very important part of international shipping operations.  Highly qualified specialists of our Company will help you to choose the optimal mode of transportation for forwarding of any cargo and prevent possible obstacles or problems during crossing a state boundary.  They will also help you to go through different procedures in intermediate centers and will control your cargo handling.  All the above services mean freight forwarding.

JSC UKTORGIMPEX is Safe International Freight Forwarding!

Freight forwarding services consist of several components, namely:

Choosing options for the optimal terms of cargo carriage and mode of transport (road, sea or air) for shipping.

Choosing options for the most convenient and safe route of transportation.

Preliminary ordering of vehicles for transportation.

Contracts for direct and transit freight forwarding services with providing area in our own transit and bonded warehouses.

Paperwork on state border crossing.

If transportation goes through several transit countries, all these procedures should be gone through in each of the countries. Besides, if transportation is processed by road vehicle it is important to know which carriers in the country can be regarded as reliable.

Guaranteed cargo storage during delivery is provided by:

insurance of cargo and liability of the carrier;

possibility to pay for services after cargo delivery.

Our company provides services:

optimization of transport schemes for existing goods traffic under the long-term contracts which will significantly reduce transportation costs of cargo owners, and will provide our company the status of general freight forwarder;

expansion of opportunities in the field of container services and transportation of personal belongings in prefabricated containers.

By signing the contract for freight forwarding the company takes the responsibility for the cargo from the moment of its receiving at warehouse to its delivery to the destination point and passing it to the recipient. Freight forwarding will help the client to choose the most appropriate delivery chain and accelerate the process.

JSC UKTORGIMPEX guarantees quality freight forwarding and cargo delivery in due time.