Responsible Storage and Warehousing Services by JSC

UKTORGIMPEX: We are the most reliable partner!

While freight forwarding there is a need in warehousing for the period of paperwork.  Some entrepreneurs practice partial customs clearance, keeping non-cleared part of their cargo at our warehouse.

JSC UKTORGIMPEX’s bonded warehouse with total area of ​​588 m² is at your service. It is equipped with auto footlights. Area of commercial storage facilities is more than 1500 m². They are located at the territory of Kyiv-Tovarna railway station, at Kyiv downtown.

One of the warehouse rooms is equipped for medicines storage and has a special permit for operation with medicine.

The main focus of warehouse logistics services is responsible storage of cargo.

Responsible storage implies a commercial deal under contract.  It means that the owners give their goods for temporary storage to another person (or company) without any right for their commercial use and liability to return them to the owner in the same quantity and quality.

To ensure responsible storage our company undertakes the following commitments:

warehousing services;

providing of reliable warehouse security;

compliance with all safety requirements in warehouses.

Responsible storage of your cargo at our warehouse complex is ensured by maintaining proper temperature and humidity in areas under the requirements of modern access control and fire safety.

What do you get?

A client who placed his or her cargo under the contract for storage in our warehouse is entitled to warehouse services which include:

receipt and delivery of cargoes;

services of handling cycle;

sorting, labeling and repacking of goods;

accurate accounting and cargo storage control;

quality and quantity inspection of a cargo;

monthly deratization of regional sanitary-hygienic agency (SES) to ensure the safe storage of food goods.

In order to facilitate and accelerate the process of handling warehouses are equipped with modern facilities. In particular, there are diesel loaders “Toyota”, electric loaders, pilers and hydraulic trucks.

JSC UKTORGIMPEX is included in register of customs warehouses at № M/0086/V/00 dated 06.09.2012 to provide warehouses and customs services and guarantees quality service for its clients!